Did the August 2017 Eclipse F*ck You Up?

If you felt a massive amount of chaotic energy in and around you on the Eclipse/New Moon, you were not alone. There was a powerful energy surging, and many people throughout the US and Canada felt it. Even now, you may be feeling waves of uncertainty, anxiety, a buzzing energy or a need to stay busy.

Here are 3 simple things you can do Right Now to take advantage of the outpouring of energy we are receiving from the Eclipse Event.

 1. Enjoy the Buzz

When one feels an abundance of energy they’re not used to, it’s easy to mistake the sensations for flu-like symptoms, or extreme fatigue. However, this kind of residual eclipse energy is meant to be used to manifest our deepest desires. Especially now, as the Eclipse energy is also being influenced by a New Moon. *For more on astrological influences, check out my favorite astrologer, Elizabeth Peru!


2. Make Plans

Now is a powerful time for manifestation. Use the energy inside of you to propel yourself into the next phase. It is an excellent opportunity to think about what you TRULY want in your life. Make it good – play the game we all did as children and imagine the most amazing experiences. Allow yourself to dream again, to fantasize about your ultimate vacation or your dream “job” Imagine the feelings you receive from a community of people who love you. Complete this sentence “Wouldn’t it be amazing if …”


3. Take Action Immediately

Once you have thought about what you want in your life, take one small thing that you’d like to have or experience within the next two weeks. You can write it on a piece of paper, find a photo that represents it, or even make a vision board. THEN take one small action that can get you closer to this goal. Look at the image or phrase every day, and imagine the feelings of having it. At the end of two weeks, reflect. If nothing happened for you, try a different approach.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. You are the creator of your own destiny. You are the only one who creates your circumstances. You are capable of absolutely ANYthing.


With Love & Light ~ Nicole