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Nicole Aracki. Yoga Teacher, Guide, Lightworker 


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Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about Yoga, my style of teaching, or if you’re new to Yoga and need some extra guidance.  I love to chat!


By phone/text:  250 255-5512

By email:  star4nic@shaw.ca

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Why I Stand Out from the Crowd:


I have walked on hot coals, Run 2 – 50km Trail Races, completed 108 Sun Salutations consecutively, guided my Mom to the afterlife, healed myself from depression & anxiety, kick ass in the kitchen, am an amazing writer, see the goodness in others (even when they don’t see it themselves), am a super good dancer, love to be silly, always see the bright side of my life, received my Reiki training in my 20’s, am a Reflexologist, and my favourite things are Hugs & Smiles. (Yes, you heard that right). My mission in life is to be the best that I can be – at teaching yoga, practicing yoga, guiding meditation, offering healing treatments, being an amazing runner, being an awesome Mom & Wife, and most importantly: Shining my Light brightly so that all others around me feel free to do the same. 

Atman Yoga Facebook Page

Personal Blog, Full Circle Healing

My Yoga Background:

Yoga has been a constant passion in my life for the last 15 years, when I first discovered the practice in Squamish with Michelle Park. After I had my babies, it took a few more years to realize that I wanted to teach yoga, and I finally received my yoga teacher training certification in 2011 at Yandara Yoga in Mexico. I started Atman Yoga shortly after, and have been teaching classes ever since. Some highlights have been: Outdoor classes at Edgewood Farm, several special workshops focusing on spiritual development, classes geared to runners and other athletes, and a few private series for special interest groups.

What can Yoga Offer You?

Yoga has nothing to do with how the pose looks from the outside, but it has everything to do with how it feels. The approach is the meaning of yoga – How you talk to yourself while approaching the pose, whether or not you are trying to force your body in to the posture. The approach is everything. If you are gentle and kind to yourself, if you are mindful and wise and reflective, you will go toward the truth of yoga practice. My style of teaching is to approach yoga with an intention for each student to have a sense of acceptance for where they are at in their bodies, and in their own personal yoga practice.

I am constantly working on my spiritual development, and have a huge well of personal experience from which to draw upon. Ask me how to set up a daily meditation or yoga practice! “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step” – Martin Luther King Jr.


I am proud to be an Ultramarathoner! (An Ultramarathon is anything longer than 42 km’s). I love to run – It’s my outlet for all this crazy creative energy I have!! Running did not start out as a love for me, but as I became stronger I was able to focus on my surroundings a little more each week. I now enjoy helping out with the trail clinics at Reason 2 Run, put on by Candace & Veronica. I love to give back to the new runners who have to fight for every step – they never do realize how hard they are working, or how quickly they progress! I see myself in every beginner runner. I see the willingness to try, the determination to keep going, and that last bit of fight on a hill when instead of hiking, they run all the way to the top of the blasted hill!! Being strong can even be the thought or idea that you can do something you said you would never do, or thought you could not do. I have a huge amount of respect for beginner runners.

Food: I love to Eat – Seriously have an out-of-control appetite some days! (It’s probably from all that running …) I have finally decided to publish some of my personal recipes, I will be looking for feedback … and sometimes taste-testers if you happen to live in Quesnel!

  Take a peek around my site – stay awhile!



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