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How to Charge a Crystal

It is important to charge your crystals with an intention. Generally, you work with the natural qualities of the stone to decipher what your intention should be. Charging crystals is easy to do, and can take as much or as little time as you like! First things first: Clean your stone by running cool water over it, thinking about all… Read more →

Spirituality for Householders

If you live in the real world, and not in a dark and peaceful cave on the outskirts of society, you may feel that you will not have much opportunity to be a calm and spiritual person all of the time. This is such a common concern for so many aspiring yogis, and it is definitely a difficult path.  Balancing… Read more →

Ancient Meditation Techniques

The word Yoga means union with the Divine energy that surrounds us – some call it God, some call it Nirvana, some call it a state of bliss.  Through my own personal experience, I have come to understand that yoga to me means union of mind, body and soul.  Yoga was originally intended to prepare one for meditation in the… Read more →