How to Practice Yoga Without a Teacher

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We all want to practice yoga more often – and if you keep saying to yourself “I should do yoga”, but you haven’t done it yet, I have to say this to you now –




That’s the funny thing about time – you can’t get it back. If you have 15 minutes at the beginning or end (or middle) of your day, then you have time to stretch a little. And imagine how much better you’ll feel!

Practicing yoga, meditation, breath work or anything else – just requires a desire and a will to try.


Desire is NOT enough, by the way. If you constantly allow procrastination to take over, it doesn’t matter what you have wanted to do – one day you’ll wake up and realize that you f*cked it up. (I apologize if that sounds harsh …)


But really – How would that feel? Waking up day after day with pain or discomfort. Knowing that you didn’t take time out for your own well-being. I am suer that everyone reading this knows what it’s like to watch a loved one get sick – from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other nasty dis-eases.


I don’t want you to suffer – I want you to be happy & vibrant & loaded up with vitality, love and joy!


So here is a gift, from me to you. A few super duper simple poses you can do – I mean, you don’t even need to roll out the mat for these ones, my dears!


#1 Mountain Pose to Forward Fold: Stand with your feet hip-width distance apart. Make sure the insides of your feet are parallel. Bring hands to your sides, palms facing forward. Take 3 deep breaths here, exhaling out the mouth.

Inhale, reach the hands over your head, Exhale, bring palms to touch, then prayer fold forward. Brings hands to the floor or onto blocks. Inhale, halfway up (hands on fronts of legs, back straight). Exhale, release to forward fold.

Bend your knees slightly, then Inhale & slowly roll up to standing – one vertebra at a time.

Repeat 4-6 times.


#2 Cat/Cow: Come down to all fours. Inhale, lift your tailbone, lower your belly, lift you chest. (head lifts only if neck feels ok).

Exhale, round the spine, tuck the chin, tuck the tailbone.

Repeat 8-10 times.


#3 Windshield Wipers with a Twist: Lie on your back. Open your arms to the sides in a “T”.

Bend your knees, bring your feet flat on the floor. Separate your feet wider than hip-width distance apart.

Moving with your breath, Exhale knees to one side. Look over your shoulder in the opposite direction of your knees.

Inhale, knees and head to center. Exhale – move in the other direction.

Repeat 8 – 10 times.



If you want a little more guidance, why don’t you try out one of my short Youtube videos? Like this one:



If you want to dedicate yourself to a little more – check out my new series called “Yoga Your Way” – it’s an interactive series that will get you on your yoga mat more often!