My Top Ten Yoga Poses


nicole at edgewood_061 logo_edited-2When I am messing around in my private yoga practice, I usually gravitate towards the same poses. This is simply because I know what feels good for me in my own body. I enjoy poses that access opposing parts of the body all at once, as time is often limited to get into my own practice. Most of my favourites involve a great stretch through the hips all the way to the fingertips.

It has taken me a great deal of time to figure out what works for me, in my own body. Yoga is a means of connecting with the language of the body, the language of the emotions, the language of the mind. It’s important to remember that the intended purpose of yoga is to meditate. Of course, if meditation is not something that interests you, it doesn’t mean you’re doing yoga wrong. The most beautiful thing to me about the practice is that there are so many layers that you can work with; you just need to choose the ones that make sense to you where you are now. nicole at edgewood_049_edited-1

No teacher is perfect for everyone. Just as no certain practice of yoga is for everyone. If you have ever tried a class – in person or from a screen – that didn’t work for you, please don’t be afraid to try again. Just try something different!  You can try attending class with a different teacher or try a different type of yoga. If it’s meditation you’re looking for, there are tons of free guided meditations available. My favourite source is The Chopra Center. Come on – Deepak Chopra started a whole lot of things for us. Did you know his book “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” was a New York Times bestseller for 72 weeks?! He knows his stuff. Back in my early twenties when I first began my search for truth, Mr. Chopra’s books were one of my first resources, along with Shakti Gawain.

Anyhow … back to the Top Ten! These poses are by no means a recommendation, especially the intermediate poses – you should probably attempt them with the assistance of a yoga instructor if you have never attempted them before! Enjoy your practice.

1. Downward Dog

2. Shoulderstand

3. Gate Pose

4. Sphinx Pose

5. Triangle + Reverse

6. Wild Thing

7. Sufi Circles

8. Headstand

9. Exalted Warrior

10. Halfmoon Pose


Enjoy your practice.
Sincerely, Nicole

Atman Yoga