ToadToad represents Transformation, the cycles of death and rebirth and primal energy. Water represents Emotions on a spiritual level. Toad lives in the water part time, dipping into emotions when the time is right. While he is fairly comfortable in the water, he much prefers cool, dark, introspective places. Toads depend on water, however, for food and procreation.


From Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven Farmer:

It’s a good time to withdraw into solitude and contemplate emotional or spiritual matters. You’ll have an opportunity to review and clear some uncomfortable emotional issues from the past.

This is an opportunity to contact your most primal and instinctual self – the part of you that’s the seed of any new personal or spiritual growth.

This is a volatile period of personal change, one where you’ll feel unsettled and fragmented, yet one in which a new “you” will emerge feeling more integrated and whole.

You’ll have much more available to you in terms of skills, experience and inner strength than you’re aware of.