What Pure Romance & Yoga Have in Common

As some of you are already aware, I recently became a Pure Romance Consultant. My reasons for taking this step are more connected to yoga than one might initially think

We, as human beings, have many different levels on which we need to be satisfied in order to become healthy, balanced individuals. That said, it is quite impossible for all these needs to be met all at once, all the time. But those needs can be met, and fall into some very specific categories:



Physical Health

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Spiritual health

Sexual Health


As I began to really ponder why my first Pure Romance party had had such a profound effect on me, I had to go “into the cave” in order to figure out Why. The answer is quite simple: Although I have been pretty comfortable with my sexuality throughout my life, that party was the first time in my adult life that I had spoken with other women about sex in a normal way. It wasn’t crude, or taboo, and I ended up learning some things about a woman’s sexual health that I didn’t know before.

Such as the fact that a vagina can actually dry out, tighten up, and *Close* as we get older – AND I also learned that there are dilators that can help women with these issues. We talked about the challenges of having a good sex life when you have kids. We talked about different sex toys, and how to incorporate them into the bedroom when you’ve never used them before. There were many other things I learned that night, and as I went back into my life (armed with a new arsenal of things for the bedroom), I began to feel a new level of excitement towards intimacy.


In yoga classes, I often ask people to tune into what is happening in your body – How is your energy? What are the quality of your thoughts? How do you feel emotionally? There is a big picture which shows the entirety of our being, on all levels, and yoga helps us to bring balance to our lives. The only piece missing from the puzzle is sexual health, and is something that is much more complex to introduce during a yoga class. In fact, it would be considered quite inappropriate to do so during a public class.


In the “cave”, I also started to think about how, when sexual energy is pent up, we aren’t able to come up with creative thoughts any longer, or how we begin to feel like we can’t keep our feet on the ground, or how we sometimes feel frustrated or upset for no apparent reason. ALL of these things can be a result of blocked energy in your root & sacral chakras (energy centers in the body).


My mission as a Pure Romance Consultant is to empower women to have conversations about their sexual health, and to offer the tools, resources and knowledge to take charge of their own sexuality in a positive and nurturing way.  I long to see a world when we women can talk freely with each other about fantasies, desires and how to meet our need for intimacy.


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If you would like to contact me directly, please email me at:  nicolearacki.pureromance@gmail.com


Love & Light – Your Pure Romance Consultant – Nicole Aracki